ARCA – The Property Market Risk Transfer Platform

ARCA is the leading Property Market Risk Transfer Platform. Using the ARCA platform investors are able to buy or sell exposure to various property markets using indices as proxies for trading bricks and mortar assets.  Using the platform investors are able to undertake various strategies including: hedging, re-weighting, re-balancing, asset allocation and capital optimisation for Solvency II. Examples of indices traded in the UK include the following: UK All Property, Retail, Office, Industrial, City Office, West End Office, Shopping Centre, Retail Warehouse & Industrial South East.

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Chairman’s Welcome

“The Credit Crunch and its aftermath forced Real Estate and Capital Markets to converge spawning innovative solutions for real estate investment. Property ‘market risk’ transfer is one such innovation that has finally come of age, enabled by ever sophisticated data and analytics and harnessed through the ARCA Platform. The ARCA Platform can be used for a multitude of trading strategies including: diversification, liquidity management, portfolio re-balancing, protection of capital values and capital optimisation. Access to the ARCA Platform will empower you to originate and develop trading strategies for your funds and your clients. I‎ have no doubt that Arca PRM, along with the support of MSCI and the Eurex Exchange, will continue to grow volumes over the next decade and that you, and your organisation, will be at the forefront of one of the most exciting developments in real estate investment this decade.”

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Andrew Huntley Chairman Arca PRM & SEIS Investor 

andrew Huntley

Andrew Huntley Chairman of Richard Ellis & Insignia Richard Ellis 1993 – 2002. Currently Non-Executive Director of Capital & Counties & Senior Independent Director at INTU Properties Plc.

Client Testimonials:

“Legal and General have been early adopters of this market having traded for multiple strategic reasons, including: optimising the use of regulatory capital, managing cash within funds to put to use for the short term, re-weighting / re-balancing property funds (e.g. out of shopping centres and into industrials) and for market risk management through the cycle. The flexibility of the product, its short-term maturity and the low cost to trade relative to the direct market make it a useful tool in our armoury and can give us a competitive edge in the market.” Michael Barrie, Director of Fund Management, Legal & General Investment Management, Real Assets

“I have worked closely with Arca and since inception they have been at the forefront of the property market risk transfer market. They are the first port of call for anyone looking to access the market and always offer excellent insights into trading strategies.” Luke Layfield, Aviva Investors