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ARCA is a risk transfer platform for property practitioners. Using the ARCA platform property investors are able to trade Short Term property Market Risk (Beta) management strategies; quickly and at little cost (no Agents Fees, Legal Fees or Stamp Duty). Using MSCI-IPD Property Futures at the UK All Property level, it is possible for multi asset allocators to increase / decrease their exposure to the UK Real Estate market on an annual basis. Using MSCI-IPD Segment Futures, property portfolio managers are able to annually re-weight, re-balance or hedge their portfolios at the most granular level (City Office, West End Office, Shopping Centre, Retail Warehouse & Industrial South East).

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The Arca PRM website is designed to be a one stop shop for all your data, information and educational needs to help you implement and trade MSCI-IPD Property Futures as part of your  Short Term property Market Risk management strategies enabling clients to achieve their desired real estate portfolio weightings in real time and at little cost. The Contracts are cleared through Eurex Clearing thus mitigating counterparty risk. Arca PRM will assist you in getting set up to trade (at no cost). Please allow approximately 2 weeks to complete this process.

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Chairman’s Welcome

“The Credit Crunch and its aftermath have forced Real Estate and Capital Markets to converge spawning innovative solutions for the property portfolio fund management industry. Short term property ‘market risk’ management is one such innovation that has finally come of age, enabled by the critical mass of knowledge and modern multi-asset capabilities within the larger real estate institutions. Centrally cleared ‎‎MSCI-IPD Property Futures traded on the Eurex Exchange are the tool by which this is accomplished. ‎‎These standardised annual contracts can be used for a multitude of trading strategies and can assist with your liquidity constraints. The emphasis on the short term allows fund managers to manage their property portfolios in ‘real time’ in a way that was hitherto not possible. This additional tool, in the fund manager’s armoury, is giving those institutions set up to trade a competitive advantage, enabling them to achieve their required portfolio effects and returns over the forthcoming 12-18 month period, without delay and at little cost. Such trading strategies include: diversification, portfolio re-balancing, protection of capital values and cash management. By having access to the ARCA Platform, you will be empowered to develop and originate trading strategies for your funds and your clients. I‎ have no doubt that Arca PRM, along with the support of MSCI and the Eurex Exchange, will continue to grow volumes over the next decade and that you, and your organisation, will be at the forefront of one of the most exciting developments in property portfolio management of this decade.”

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Andrew Huntley Chairman Arca PRM & SEIS Investor 

andrew Huntley

Andrew Huntley Chairman of Richard Ellis & Insignia Richard Ellis 1993 – 2002. Currently Non-Executive Director of Capital & Counties & Senior Independent Director at INTU Properties Plc.